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iRenovate works with experienced teams of shopfitters with many years experience in creating retail or office fitouts for sites of any size and complexity.


iRenovate can complete full refurbishments for multistorey retail, government and leisure complexes. We deliver highly specialised solutions.

Turnkey Solution

iRenovate works with you to solve your working space refurbishment challenges. We provide a turnkey commercial property renovation management solution.

Our Services

iRenovate works with you to solve your working space refurbishment. We provide a turnkey commercial property renovation management solution.

From the initial meeting, to planning your renovation and office fit out we work closely with you, our client and all our suppliers to complete to your satisfaction an aesthetically pleasing, functional workspace.

How It Works

Planning your shop fitting involves more than measuring wall area – it starts at your building’s substrata and ends with the colourways.

What should you know when planning your next shop or office fitting? We’ve compiled an overview of the six typical stages applied to your shop or office fitting.

  • 1. Initial Brief

    For the best results much collaboration is needed, so our team of fitters strive up-front to understand your site, team and needs completely.

  • 2. Site analysis

    We visit your site to measure every detail, analyse pedestrian traffic, inspect the natural light quality, address planning law requirements and much more.

  • 3. Planning and design

    Next, we begin planning and design of your shop or office fitting and provide 3D layout drawings for a virtual walk-through before construction.

  • 4. Manufacturing

    Where required our suppliers manufacture fittings in a highly cost-efficient manner.

  • 5. Project management

    Our project management includes any liaison with the tradespeople who will complete electricals, plumbing and painting.

  • 6. Installation

    We oversee the delivery and on-site installation of all manufactured works, for clients based throughout KwaZulu-Natal.

Our Committment

iRenovate is actively involved in fine tuning quotes, both to fit your vision and your budget, to working with our furniture experts to pick and plan where your reception table goes. We work with all suppliers offering a plethora of services, allowing us to work on large scale projects or small and medium office fit outs.

Let us be a part of your journey

We take the hassle out of what should be an exciting time. Upgrading your existing offices or setting up your brand new work space, allowing you the freedom to get on with what you do best!

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